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*read this please!*

So… I’m having a rather *major* problem with someone stalking me (i.e. why the anon button has been down all week). I really don’t see an option other than shutting this blog down – which I hate cos I was really looking forward to bragging to y’all about the versace sheets im buying but what can I do? 

I really know that if I continued this blog I would drop something that will give away my location or idk something… Plus, I just don’t love that this freak gets access into my life constantly. 

But don’t *worry*, I have (multiple) lawyers and I’m not going to let this freak run me (y’all know how much of a bitch I am). Just my parents/lawyers said I really need to cut off all access and for myself, I think I will feel much freer/safer if this guy can’t have access into my life whenever he wants. 

So I’m going to hide this blog so that you can’t access the url (you can still contact me or see me in your dashboard). I wish I could password protect it but tumblr doesn’t let you password protect a main blog. I won’t delete my blog though, so that whenever I want I can re-activate it, look at it, then hide it again (cos idk I might want to look at this weird thing someday?). But I won’t be posting anymore, of course.

I also don’t think I’ll re-make a blog just because it would be too easy to find me again. The only thing is that I like sort of picking out pics to post cos then I have this nice list of pictures in my #myphoto which sort of capture my travels/aesthetic. But I guess I can’t do that anymore…Maybe I’ll just make a stupid scrapbook like with real paper and scissors and shit. No idea. 

But to say something nice: I really enjoyed making this blog and jesus I’ve had it for an *embarrassingly* long time (i.e. since high school altho it was a different blog then). And I liked getting your weird messages and… yea it was fun for me. 

I really wish all of you the best, and I also urge you to be careful about what you post on the internet and who you get involved with! Be safe, guys 🙂 



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You’ll be leasing a horse when you move …

You’ll be leasing a horse when you move to Germany??? Holy shit!!! You’ll have to post pictures of it

ahh i would love to lease a horse! but idk if it is possible? cos (1) i am super cold intolerant so i wouldnt want to lease december-march and (2) im in germany for 6-ish months, then im coming back to italy for 3-ish months, then germany for only 3 then back to italy again for 3 (then repeat lol). 

So i would be leasing…one month here and there not for say, a year committed and idk if they would be okay with that? I’ll inquire 🙂 but at the very least I’ll take jumping lessons during the warm months. I miss riding so much! and i will def post pics! 😀