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if you’re from a western christian background i really don’t want to hear your opinions on why all religious ideologies should be destroyed like does anyone else see a problem with that 

western atheism has the same universalist motifs that western christianity had. i think its ingrained in western thought: either its everything or nothing – either no one is redeemed or everyone is saved by “us”. atheism in europe was created not only as a reaction against hegemonic christianity but also as an “illuminating” force of reason – but, as western thought goes, europe is the world. going against christianity in western europe meant going against everyone else idk

Yom Kippur False Alarm


So, a few years ago, Yom Kippur was coming up and I really needed to ask forgiveness of a Gentile friend who I had failed a couple times that year, and even though the friend hadn’t mentioned it, it had been eating at me.  This friend didn’t really know anything about Judaism.

So I contacted him, by email, (we were in different countries at this time) and I said “I know that I failed you with [thing], and I just want to say how sorry I am.  I will try to fix it in the future. If I have done anything else that may have harmed you at any time in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I am truly sorry.  I ask that you will forgive me.  I hope that you will accept my apology. Please let me know before 3 days from now.”

My friend promptly responded with the following: “Are you dying????”

The Moral of the Story: explain what Yom Kippur is to your gentile friends.



The idea that we are loved for what is most valuable in us, that G-d sees our worth even when we cannot, is far more conductive to human empowerment and accountability than the idea that we are loved despite our worthlessness.

Judith Plaskow, Standing Again at Sinai


K, I know it’s only Rosh Chodesh Elul

But I’m already a bit anxious about Yom Kippur. Both excited (our Rabbinic Intern at my school‘s Hillel asked me to sing Kol Nidre) and sad… as it is unlikely I will be permitted/ able to fast, as my eating disorder really threw me for a loop/ spiraled out of control last year, culminating in hospital and residential treatment at Renfrew‘s Spring Lane Site…

I know I’ll get the whole „you’re meant to live by the commandments, not die by them!!!“ thing from her… but I still will feel really isolated and awful about that.

Tikkun Olam is a scam. It's basically Mar…

Tikkun Olam is a scam. It's basically Marxism. It's not a real Jewish tenet. Read "To Heal The World?" By Jonathan Neumann.

This is the most hilarious message I’ve received in ages.



If a stranger comes and says, “I am hungry. Please give me food,” we are not allowed to check to see if he is honest or not; we must immediately give him food.

Mishnah Torah 6:6

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How can you hate jocks when the ultimate jock, Fa Mulan, is possibly the coolest person in Disney canon


like the jacket? the repose? The Look? we stan



“Oh no, don’t worry, it’s not a dinner party or anything, we’ll just have a few snacks.”

Southern Europe:


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the fact that Donald Trump will die in my lifetime is a very comforting thought

I’m staying in this bitch ass world just to outlive him