You can really tell who’s never experienced poverty and food insecurity when it comes to discussions around food costs and how unhealthy food is cheaper. Some fucker always comes in with the price of like… lettuce or… apples. And it’s like yeah bitch but can you work an 11 hour shift after eating some salad and an apple!?! Find me something cheaper, and more filling than the broke ass staples of boxed mac and cheese, hot dogs, noodles, bread, beans, and rice. I’ll wait.

It also ignores the mental toll that poverty takes like maybe your home made veggie filled recipe isn’t crazy expensive but it also involves prep time and cooking time and organization in terms of fresh food that a lotta poor people can’t manage.

Not to mention if you can only afford to get to the store once every couple weeks via bus or cab then you can’t keep fresh veg on deck.

But ya know.. poor people are just dumb and lazy.

People reblogging this with “actually you can do this super labour intensive prep and only buy bulk which means more money on grocery day and all this storage space you defs have when you’re poor” and it’s like……… did you read this at all

And all the “well actually” replies on this post operate from the assumption poor people haven’t thought of these things…. or don’t know any of these things or are too lazy which I mean was my original point and people just continue to prove it …..