im sick and tired of everyone still acting as if autistic people dont exist in todays society or participate in popular subcultures just bc ppl dont want to listen to us talk. we want to be represented as much as everyone else, and actually even more.

i see posts talking about how peter parker is trans with thousands of notes, a lot of them from cis allies. i hear a question about stucky in almost every interview/q&a/con that the cast does. i even see posts like ‘x character is adhd’ with tons of notes because adhd is more socially acceptable than autism. people will break down every aspect of someones character just for tiny hints that they’re trans or gay or whatever, and while i do love trans and gay headcanons being widely accepted, especially by the creators of the content themselves, i still cannot think of one single instance where a character who was coded autistic was confirmed …besides sheldon cooper. i watched bruce banner have basically a meltdown on screen and wrap himself in his shirt, the way i do when i have meltdowns, and no one said a thing. i watched newt scamander avoid eye contact throughout the entire movie, stumble over his words, have a hyperfixation on animals/creatures, etc etc etc and no one said a thing. 

i feel like im just shouting into the void here because its still so unfathomable for people to understand that autistic people exist. we’re here, we’re consuming the same media you are, we’re desperate for diversity just like you are. its never even crossed the minds of the creators/actors that the quirky shy awkward character they’ve created is just autistic– because, wait, peter parker doesn’t talk in a monotone voice like spock, how can he be autistic?!!?!?

literally no one. gives a shit. about autistic people. at all. please just listen to us. give our autistic headcanon posts as many notes as your trans headcanon posts. be aware that autistic people who think their favorite characters are autistic aren’t just ‘projecting’ or ‘overanalyzing’, and you shouldnt just humor us because you pity us. realize that autistic people can look many different ways and just because a character doesn’t act like sheldon cooper or spock, doesn’t mean they’re not autistic. just please realize that we exist.

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