I was in line at Aldi and this girl with two toddlers in front of me had her card declined and she looked so fucking sad and said “let me call my husband real quick” and it was only 18 dollars, so I just paid for it, and she was very sweet and then as she walked off, the lady behind me said `”You know that was probably a scam, right?” and like, even if it was, like what a sad fucking scam, right? 18 dollars at the Aldi. If you’re “scamming” me for some Tyson chicken and apple juice and cauliflower, then just take my fucking money. 

“A scam” people are fucking wild.  

the rich and middle class: let me gold-plate my paleo/keto shits for fun after i do my juice cleanse and donate to Kylie Jenner’s billionaire fund. oh hey should we take two eco vacations this year or three, my unvaccinated kids named Parsley and Mackeileughegh?

the working poor and those in poverty: *is $20 short for food*

rich and middle class: :/ idk its probably a scam :/ i didn’t get exactly what i wanted from an online order once you know the world is cruel and people are liars :/ get a job :/

Firstly, as someone who was a cashier for a long time and has seen people try a lot of crazy shit, if someone is gonna try to pull a scam like that, it’s gonna be for something they can resell easily so soap, razors, diapers, things that don’t expire and that people wouldn’t think was weird to buy on craigslist or at a yard sale or something like that. You can’t resell apple juice for cash on the street or return it to the store later and claim “It was the wrong size”.

Beyond that though, the way I see it, I would rather help someone who lied to me, than ignore someone who needed me. In the end, it’s not my job to judge another person’s needs as worthy or not worthy of my help. You never know what ripples your actions will have, but I figure a little good faith on my part at least can set them rippling in a positive direction.


I used to be in a neighborhood Facebook group, and half the posts easily were people complaining about panhandlers (usually referred to by racial slurs), saying they were faking for handouts, and that’s exactly my response. Like, first of all, people don’t enjoy begging for change from jerks outside the grocery store, and if you don’t have to, you won’t. And second of all, I’d rather get occasionally scammed out of a few dollars by someone who doesn’t need it than be such a hard-hearted person I’d be willing to let 99 others in legitimate need suffer just because one out of a hundred is a scammer.