Periods are canceled for 2018. This year, I don’t want to bleed unless it’s from a wound I earned in honorable combat.

Yeah… they are a pain (in the uterus) but honestly as someone who has been dealing with amenorrhea (as a consequence of a restrictive eating disorder) for much of 2018, I gotta say… I kinda need it back.

„Normal“ Periods (whatever that means for you) are a sign of hormonal health, also part of healthy bones and other stuff. In my case, malnutrition and low weight induced amenhorrea was causing my body to leech calcium from my bones, which in nutritional rehabilitation, I need to remain consistently cognizant of.

Sorry for getting serious on a funny, light hearted post… but laughing at it is laced with ruefulness for me, and the chilling thought that so many young people might experience and dismiss this. It’s a sobering thought.