i work as a certified nurse-midwife

i help women meet their WANTED pregnancies every day.

in the last year, i’ve held a woman’s hand as she delivered the child she desperately wanted but who was never going to take a breath outside the womb, so she decided to do the merciful thing and stop the suffering

i’ve handed a baby to a woman who lost her last one at 35 weeks, for reasons we’ll never know

i’ve taken out the uterus of a woman who wanted more children, so that she wouldn’t bleed to death during the delivery of her child

and i’ve stood by a woman’s side while she lost her own life because of a pregnancy complication that was completely unavoidable

pregnancy is dangerous. things can turn at any instant.

so don’t you ever come at a woman and say she needs to carry a child to term. women die from pregnancy far FAR more often than they die from safe and legal abortions

asking a woman to give her life for a wanted pregnancy is horrible enough

asking her to give her life for an unwanted pregnancy is so much worse.