Forty – Nine

This is it

The day I ascend to my own Sinai

The day I hold the Torah

And am called Tziporrah

This is it

The day I pledge

In front of the Jewish People

That I join them

At Sinai

I became a Jew

Just one week ago

As I agreed with the Beit Din

And blessed my new life in the mikveh

But now it’s official

And I ascend to the mountaintop

I ascend the mountaintop

I agree

To hold the mitzvot

In my heart

And clutch it close

I agree

To join this people

Whom I love with all of my soul

And all of my heart

I agree

To have my home be Jewish

And to make the mitzvot and minhag

My own 

I agree

To raise my children Jewish

To hold them in my arms

And whisper to them 

Sh’ma Yisrael

Adonai Eloheinu

Adonai Echad