So I’m in a similar situation as you – I…

So I’m in a similar situation as you – I’m going to work on a project which will later result as a publication (I’m a cognitive linguist). It’s huge for me and I’m going to work with the best experts on the subject. I am still a student however, a PhD one. So I want to dress appropriately – my outfit should state that I am badass and deserve to be here but be humble enough to show that I am also grateful and respectful. What would you recommend? I worry mostly about the shoes. Grazie infinte!

Do you mean for everyday wear or is this for a special occasion? 

Just generally then, I like to wear dresses instead of pants. I just feel more comfortable and polished in a dress than in a pants – especially because more business-y pants kind of make you look like a secretary. That is a look to AVOID. i.e. plain grey/blue pencil skirts with white button down shirts… ew. There is no right length, sometimes I wear a shorter skirt, sometimes a longer – depends. But for a *first meeting* I would go closer to knee length. 

The important thing is striking a balance between looking put together and professional but also still looking like a young woman and not like a 50 y/o secretary.

I’ve also answered an ask about how to wear a suit, and about necessities for a good wardrobe so you might want to look at those, too 😉 

Here are some ideas of looks to go for. (Under the cut)

I just saw the lady on the news wearing this one and I love it, and it isn’t terribly expensive (you could get in on sale for v cheap!) Anything along that look is super lovely, but might be a little fancy for everyday. 

Dolce & Gabbana (This pattern is sold out but they basically make this dress over and over again – I have this one and another similar floral but it is black with roses) – it looks more professional if you get a silk tie neck shirt and put it underneath 😉 

This style of dress is also nice (Also Dolce & Gabbana, also sold out – I also own this one ahah)

The patterns, as you see, are more creative/youthful, but the style is classic. So you look neither like an old lady nor a stupid uni kid. 

Love this one too, last D&G I promise (I NEED this one…but it is an old season…)

Okay, so a little more toned down is a dress in this style (I have this but in a different colour and without the bow), from Gucci. 

Then also silk dresses are always good, Burberry makes nice ones!

Skirts are also a good idea. I like this silhouette (also from Burberry). Just make sure that the skirt floats away at the bottom and is not hugging your bum…that looks very bad. 


As for shoes… these are good looks to go for. I like to wear heels, usually, just cos it gives you a little height and a little more polished. 

So these from valentino (THE LOW HEEL! not the high!) 

These loafers from Gucci – nice cos they have a heel! 

These are such a beautiful shoe from valentino (called tango pumps!) and they come in all different colours, very lady-like and pretty but also polished/professional.

These shoes from Dolce & Gabbana (They make 1000 different colours and patterns of these) 

Now Prada, chunky sandal (they also make these in so many different colours and heights – these are a little high imo but I couldn’t find another pic… I have a low-ish heel in silver and a higher one in brown but it is basically the same shoe lol)

Miu Miu also makes great kitten heels on this style

A chunky shoe likes these valentinos (imagine them in all black not black/white – I have the all black but I couldn’t find a pic!), especially if you have to wear a black stocking YOU NEED A BLACK SHOE!


Ya need a good work bag and preferably NOT a tote!

I like prada the best. Something like this style (I have this one in all black – the dress is also beautiful altho idk what that little pocket thing is over the hip??) 

I sort of like this one from Versace, maybe a little overpowering but I think it works 😉 

Not a huge fan of this bag (from saint laurent), but it is okay. 

Okay that should get you started, let me know if you have any other questions 🙂