i was so with you in that post where you basic…

i was so with you in that post where you basically tore down domingo. but i have to disagree with you partially about maria callas. although i think she was more hyped by the public/renown for her fame than her art, i think she was more than passable as a soprano – in fact, i think she was pretty good. but you're right, she was absolutely not the best. i can't say the same for domingo, who i also detest – he is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.

I agree, she isn’t on the horrible tier that domingo is. I threw callas in as someone that people imitate, not that she was a malicious force in opera like domingo is. 

I don’t however think she is an acceptable as a soprano, but I think she has a great and v expressive middle voice, but she just doesn’t have an upper register that makes a soprano. She just isn’t a Nilsson or a Janowitz or a Milanov or a Price (I mean listen to nilsson’ vissi d’arte compared to callas…callas doesn’t even pronounce the words correctly and the high note just ruins the whole thing…… or callas’ un bel di vedremo compared to freni’s…no comparison). She just doesn’t have the technique when it comes to the upper register and imo sometimes her interpretation is overly sentimental. But you need that upper register to be a soprano. For me, she is a good mezzo but not a soprano – and she can be good in certain parts as a soprano, but she isn’t Nilsson.

But I agree with you in saying she is definitely not on the level of domingo. Her high voice can be bad, but she didnt engineer a system to hide it. And she doesn’t go consistently flat, just the tone is ugly on her high notes. Also – this isn’t her fault tho – sopranos nowadays do copy her and that is their fault not hers but still… it is a problem. More domingo’s fault tho cos he made mediocrity so acceptable. 

But anyway, I’m happy that you agree about domingo – I was expecting hate mail ahaha