How To Support Canadian Net Neutrality

Posted December 19th, 00:45 PST

If you are currently unfamiliar with the unexpected net neutrality battle, please refer to this post.

As a short summary, Bell Media, backed by Cineplex and Rogers Media, is attempting to take control of net neutrality in Canada by going directly to the CRTC (who regulates most Canadian media related leglislation).

This allows them to skip the regular court process that would normally open them to public disapproval and is a dangerous and underhanded move for all Canadians.

This guide will show you how to directly comment to the CRTC on the proposal put forward by Bell step by step. The comment process should take less than ten minutes and could make a huge difference on tomorrow’s outcome.

The following is for Canadian citizens or permanent residents only. If you are neither please follow the above link where you can still make your voice heard by signing the active petition. Please also continue to circulate information including this post and the post linked above.

You can continue to do this until the hearing period is over, but comments submitted in the next few hours will also hold a lot of weight.

First open a new browser tab to this page:

You will see a feedback form. Select all three applicants listed (Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, and Rogers Media).

Next, select your intervention type as opposition. You will also submit your comment here. If you don’t know what to write or don’t feel comfortable writing from scratch, you can use the following skeleton:

“My name is [LEGAL NAME], and I am writing my intervention in opposition to this application.

The application will set a standard for media moderation without input from the majority of Canadian consumers. As a Canadian citizen, I do not believe this is in line with our right to freedom of speech and furthermore does not accurately represent the majority of consumers desires.

As a consumer I ask for this application to be denied, as it stands in opposition to the beliefs of the CRTC as well as the values we as a people hold for our freedom of information and speech.”

I recommend changing the wording slightly if you are able. However even just a direct paste if you agree with the message still is a good contribution.

This next part is optional, but I would recommend selecting “I do not wish to appear” unless you are completely confident should you actually be asked to defend your message in person.

Unless for some reason you actually are a respondent or a designated representative (if you are one you’ll know, don’t worry), skip these two. Agree to the confirmation of service, you won’t be asked to provide evidence or proof as you are responding as a consumer not as a legal or commercial representative.

Finally, before completing make sure all necessary sections are properly filled out. Use your legal name and most professional email.

If you have any questions or if I missed something, please let me know.

Finally got to filling this out. All my buddy Canadians, fill it out too.