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Judy Garland and her conductor/arranger, Judy at Manhattan Center, 1962.

From Wikipedia: Judy Takes Broadway, was a live-performance album recorded at the Manhattan Center in New York City on April 26, 1962 for Capitol Records. Unfortunately, the night that Garland recorded this album, she had a bad case of laryngitis and did not get to complete all of the wanted tracks for the album. She managed to finish 10 of the 13 scheduled songs that night.

Capitol Records ended up not releasing this particular album due to her laryngitis, although there was a tentative plan for Judy to remake the LP in a recording studio. It was suggested by Steve Sanders in 1989 to release the album for the first time; Capitol made the decision to issue the album finally on June 20, 1989, with the title Judy Garland Live! The CD today is out of print, but has been included in Garland’s Amsterdam Concert CD case as an extra bonus.