11, 13, 16, 24 (specifically Italy! :))

11, 13, 16, 24 (specifically Italy! :))

11. favourite native writer/poet?

Antonio Veneziano and Giuseppe Tomassi di Lampedusa! 

13. does your country (or family) have any specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to outsiders?

Ahh, so Basilicata is *portrayed* always as being ridiculously superstitious (e.g. the city whose name we aren’t allowed to say ahah) but other than touching iron/wood compulsively whenever anyone says anything good… I don’t have an particularly weird superstitions. Hmm maybe to americans/foreigners some of our food seems weird (like sanguinaccio – ppl always get creeped out by that) …or the fact that my town’s priest keeps the burial of an ancient greek settler in the back of his church. 

16. which stereotype about your country you hate the most and which one you somewhat agree with?

Probably being overly religious and talking with your hands I agree with the most. The least is that italian men are sexy/good lovers – I find them v obnoxious and effete, and they just want a woman to be their mother ahah

24. what other nation is joked about most often in your country?

G E R M A N Y.