Il teatro alla moda – a TV series set in the first half of the…

Il teatro alla moda – a TV series set in the first half of the 18 century following the lives
of artists from the musical period known as opera seria.

Act I

Naples, 1720, after spending all
of his foster father’s inheritance a young abbate Pietro Metastasio arrives from
Rome to work in a law office. Despite his employer’s antipathy towards the world of art Metastasio
continues to share his boring work with writing about antique heroes or ancient gods, something
that he loved to do since childhood. His poetry leads him to the salon of the operatic
diva Marianna Bulgarelli known as “La Romanina”. Thanks to her help Metastasio becomes a well-known person and meets the
most talented singers and composers of the city, including the music teacher
Nicola Porpora and his promising pupil – Carlo “Farinelli” Broschi. Soon Pietro
finds himself charmed with an innocent castrato, yet La Romanina falls in love
with the much younger poet…

“To the Poets – In the first place, the modern Poet should not have read and should never read the ancient Authors, Latin or Greek. And this is because the ancient Greeks or Latins have never read the moderns.”

Benedetto Marcello,
Il teatro alla moda (The Fashionable Theater)