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Christianity has a history of antisemitism and I don’t care if my saying that makes you uncomfortable it’s the truth

More accurately, Christians have, but otherwise I absolutely agree with this statement.

no, in the case of christianity, antisemitism is built into most of the institutions. 

the very foundation of xtianity was built on antisemitism  

1 Thessalonians 2:15 of the new testament literally says that Jews are displeasing to God and the enemies of all of humanity and celebrates “wrath” coming upon them.

And before anyone says thats only about specifically the Jews that killed Jesus and all the other Jews are blameless, in Acts 2:36, Peter addresses the Jews who came to Jerusalem for Shavous, who therefore were not even present when Jesus was crucified seven weeks earlier, and specifically says that they, as Jews, are to blame for Jesus’s death and therefore are bad

John 8:44 claims that Jesus told the Jews that didn’t believe in him that they were the children of the devil and therefore all liars and murderers. In two different points of Revelations, Jews are said to worship at the synagogue of Satan.

Antisemitism has been engrained in Christianity from the very start but y’all want to pretend like it’s just a coincidence

Well ok the point of Christianity is that you have to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, or savior. Otherwise you don’t get into heaven. The Jews believe that the Messiah still hasnt come yet, so that does fall under the “going to hell” category. However, PROPER Christianity is all about love and acceptance regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc. I believe there was a part with the Samaritans regarding that. Unfortunately, some Christians tend to forget that part (I’m dealing with my mom on this subject constantly). Even further, the Jews in the New Testament that had had Jesus killed were basically examples of how mainstream Judaism had strayed away from what God wanted it to be (money, power, hate, etc got in the way). Because Judaism was also originally about love. So is Christianity against Judaism the religion? Yes, I suppose. Is Christianity against Jews the people? Hell no, and any Christian who tries to restrict Jews because of their religion is not a Christian at all

I don’t know how to even addrsss this


So Christianity hates Jews thank you for reinforcing my point


Your response is REMARKABLY bad.

First off, you’re judging Judaism to have strayed, and you know literally nothing on this subject.  You’re literally citing antisemitic texts to discuss Judaism.  AND you’re pulling a #NotAllChristians on us, and a No True Scotsman fallacy.

There’s basically nothing that’s correct about your post except that Christianity says that Jews are going to hell.  (though the Pope disagrees with that)