thefibrodiaries: parents (and this can also apply to doctors, teachers etc.) need to start taking…


parents (and this can also apply to doctors, teachers etc.) need to start taking children seriously when they say they’re in pain.

 If your five year old struggles to walk and often cries in pain then something may be medically wrong. don’t just put it down to growing pains or a tantrum.

if your seven year old ever has trouble keeping up in school, something may be wrong. don’t just assume that they aren’t trying hard enough. 

If your nine year old is often spraining or dislocating their joints and is covered in unexplained bruises, something may be wrong. don’t assume they’ve just been “playing rough”. 

if your eleven year old says they can’t play sports in school because they’re struggling/hurting, something may be wrong. don’t assume they’re making an excuse to get out of it. 

if your thirteen year old says they can’t do a “simple” task, there may be something wrong. don’t assume that they are making excuses. 

if your fifteen year old can’t get out of bed in the morning or goes straight to bed after school and they’re tell you that they’re exhausted every day, something may be wrong, don’t assume they’re just a lazy teenager.

stop assuming that all of these experiences are normal and that they happen to all children. if this sounds like your child they could have a chronic illness. so please, if you think something may be wrong with your child you are probably right and you need to get them medical help. The doctors may not listen and use one of the excuses above, but please keep fighting for them because you’re the only one that can. 

Many chronically ill children (like myself) go undiagnosed and unbelieved until adulthood and by that point many of us have got progressively worse and the illness has taken over our lives. However, A parent believing, supporting and fighting for their chronically ill child makes all the difference.  Whether you’re a parent, another family member, a teacher or even a doctor, Learn how to recognise the signs of a chronically ill child. Help chronically ill children get a diagnosis early on.