What are your thoughts on Augustine’s writings on predestination, Grace, free choice etc? the prof for my class thinks that Augustine’s perspective on Grace and free choice stays essentially the same and he never outright denies we have free choice…but when I read an early writing of his “The Spirit and the Letter” and his final treatises on Predestination, I don’t see the kind of balance in the latter that I see in the former. My prof thinks Augustine thought free choice was so “obvious —

—(cont) that Augustine didn’t think it was necessary to emphasize free choice all that much, but somehow I don’t find that quite convincing. Augustine seems to get more and more fixated with the damned Pelagian issue and the further along he goes, the more reactionary he seems to become.I’m not even sure I understand what really differentiates the Calvinist position from the Catholic anymore, if a Catholic is supposed to accept all of Augustine’s teaching w/out question(as my prof thinks).

Hmm interesting. I was always taught that Augustine seems to change his opinion a bit near the end of his life re: free will and predestination, but idk he might just mean it metaphorically rather than completely literally or maybe he was just getting a bit “old.” So as a catholic, no one ever has me read the late augustine cos it is so protestant seeming ahah (i.e. catholics DO NOT go for that predestination shit). your prof sounds like he is oversimplifying something which is super unclear in augustine’s thought. At the beginning and middle of his life his position is VERY clear on the issue but at the end, he gets very weird so you are right to think they way you do, anon. 

And Augustine would be rolling over in his grave to hear someone saying that you HAVE TO ACCEPT everything that Augustine says (tbh I never hear an augustinian say something like that – that is usually what I hear from Thomists!! ahah)