Is it wrong that I’m really bugged by the term “Judeo-Christian values”? Most Jews I know don’t agree with a lot of them, myself included. A lot of it takes a literal perspective on the Tanakh too, even though debate and interpretation are huge components of Judaism, or at least the kind that I was raised with. Being lumped in with that makes me really uncomfortable. It feels like I’m being used as a prop so they can push Christian values without the stigma of pushing a single religion’s (1/2)

(2/2) beliefs, and that if a Jewish value contradicts a Christian value or vice-versa, the Jewish value will always be tossed aside, rather than a discussion or a compromise. It makes me feel like I’m being used as a way to hide religious fanaticism in broad daylight, but I don’t know if this is just me being knee-jerk or if what I’m saying is valid. What do you guys think about the term?             

Hi there,

I personally absolutely resonate with your disgruntled feelings here.  I apologize for being so blunt to such a thoughtful question, but you absolutely have every right to feel this way. 

As Jews, our values often intersect with those of Christians. But as often as they do, there are far too many areas where they do not intersect.

And yes, this often comes with contemporary antisemitism.  And yes, it can (and should) make you feel uncomfortable.

Let us hope and pray for a world filled with goodness, light, love, and hope where issues of antisemitism, and bigotry aimed at other religious, racial, and social minorities, is nonexistent.

Have a great night, friend.